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Dev Scaling

Posted by: Rod Morison in Agile, Project Management 5 years ago

Dev Scaling is a set of software techniques to the manage the complexity, maintainability, and evolution of growing software codes. As functionality is added to a software program its software entropy increases. The cost of maintenence and feature addition grows with entropy. If unchecked, entropy can increase super-linearly and compound on itself, with the effect that a software system becomes cost prohibitive to develop on.

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Bitbucket Code Review Process using Pull Requests

Posted by: Rod Morison in Agile, Project Management, Test Driven Development 6 years, 10 months ago



In this article I walk through a sample Bitbucket setup for a code review process using pull request and branch permission features. While all the nuts and bolts are there for a solid code-test-review-merge process, I find the documentation very nonlinear and more of a reference than a how-to. Hence, this article.

Tags: code reviewsoftware qualityagile
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The Iron Triangle of Software Development...

Posted by: Rod Morison in Project Management 9 years, 10 months ago

...aptly laid out in the context of Or, why entrepreneurs have to be technical, and proof that bureaucrats and politicians are not: and the Gulf Between Planning and Reality

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